Women Folks beat Men folks in Gaming Industry

September 16,2014 - Eoxysgames Team

52% of people playing some form of video games in duration of last six months were female, a major study carried out by independent research agency Populus. Free Mobile Apps have driven plenty of women resulting in the growth of women gamers. A psychologist Dr. Simon Hampton commented three key reasons for an upsurge in women playing video games. Since women folks do not play video games, Mobile phones allow them to play their favorite games on Phones and many games have no feature character to beat and kill which appeals women folks to play games as they are less likes than men. Another reason, women folks play games is competition. 

A lot of games deal with Vocabulary and are quite widely accepted by females as they tend to be more competent linguists.  A nation of gamers is, now, constructed via these smartphones and tablet apps. With approximation, the gamers around 33.5 Million are now engaging with gaming - 69% of the population.

Courtesy: The Independent