Get your Brains Sharpened by Playing Games

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September 15,2014 - Eoxysgames Team
Gaming for active brain

Most of us spend a good amount of money in getting our brains sharpened, but most of us have this feeling that their brains are not sharpened yet. We just came across an article which talks about your brain getting sharpened absolutely free of cost and at the very same time you enjoy the process.

Sounds strange?? Yes, that gave us the same feeling, but we were just compelled to impart this knowledge to our News Readers that one can actually sharpen one's mind by just playing some games. Below is an article talking about an incident where an experiment was done about whether or not we get our brains sharpened by playing games.

A research done by a psychology professor Ian science at the university of Toronto, recently published in the Journal of cognitive neuroscience, reveals that playing an action game, even for a relatively short time, causes difference in brain activity and improvements in visual attention. This is the first time research has clearly linked these differences to playing video games.

Gaming for active brain

Twenty-five subjects-who had not previously played video games – played video games for 10 hours in session lasting one to two hours. Sixteen of the subjects played a first-person shooter game and, as a control, nine subjects played a three-dimensional puzzle game.

Before and after playing games, the subjects' brain waves were recorded while they tried to detect a target among other distractions over a wide visual field. Subjects who played the shooter video game also showed the greatest improvement on the visual attention tasks well significant changes in their brainwaves. The reaming subjects – including those who had played the puzzle game – did not.

After playing the shooter game, the changes in the electrical activity were consistent with brain processes that enhances visual attention and suppress distracting information.

Superior visual attention is crucial in many important everyday activities. It's necessary for thing such as driving a car , monitoring changes in the computer display, or even avoiding tripping while walking through room with children's toy scattered on the floor.

This research could have implications in several industries beyond video games themselves.