The SNES classic Secret of Mana is now available for Android

November 14, 2014 - Eoxysgames Team

2 There’s annihilation that brings aback animosity of homesickness like battlefront up an acceptable old ancient Super Nintendo game. The aggregate of 16-bit visuals and old-school soundtracks can instantly teleport you to a time if activity was all about pogs, bang bracelets, and abstraction time tables. After ablution for iOS aback in 2010, Square Enix was affectionate abundant to assuredly accompany the 1993 archetypal Secret of Mana to Android devices.

Featuring a Zelda-like top-down appearance and real-time action system, Secret of Mana was a animation of beginning air from Square Enix’s archetypal turn-based RPGs. The absolution shouldn’t appear as abundant of a surprise, Square Enix appear an Android anchorage was due ancient in the abatement aback in August.

Available for an air-conditioned $9 on Google Play, Secret of Mana appearance a hardly tweaked interface (perfect for potato fingers) and 360-degree appearance movement (original bold alone had 8-directional movement). No adorned high-res visuals here, this is 16-bit gaming at its finest. Link down below.