MouseCraft is gonna make its way to the Ouya console by November The 20th

November 14 ,2014 - Eoxysgames Team

MouseCraft is gonna make its way to the Ouya console by November The 20th

A somewhat pleasant observing game is heading to the Ouya console this month called MouseCraft. The best way to define this game is that it  will remind you of the older classic game Lemmings in terms of the mechanics that you will be dealing with. The goal is to get the mice to the cheese in each level.

Where this game changes from Lemmings and comparable games is that the mice themselves don't do everything unusual, they just walk uninterruptedly. Players will have to use Tetris-style pieces in order to get the mice to the cheese. Of course there aren’t just gaps that you have to fear about when getting the mice to said cheese. There also happens to be things like explosives, bloodthirsty robotic rats, electrified platforms, and vats of acid, just to name a few of the obstacles that are present.

One of the really good features about this game isn't really about what happens in the game. MouseCraft features cross-buy and cross-save which basically means if you have purchased this game already on the other consoles it is currently available on, such as the Playstation, you will be able to play it already on the Ouya as well as import your progress. Same goes with if you buy the Ouya version as your initial copy.

MouseCraft will be hitting the Ouya Marketplace on November 20th, 2014. It'll cost you $14.99 to start getting mice to some cheese safely but considering you can play this on all consoles when you purchase it, the price is actually not bad at all.