Persian Mythology-Inspired Epic of Kings Launching on Tegra K1

November 14, 2014 - Eoxysgames Team

Established by Dead Mage, Epic of Kings is third-person activity chance aggressive by Persian epics including the composition of Shahnameh, or The Book of Kings, accounting during the 10th century. In Epic of Kings, players are casting as an activity accustomed acquisitive in an adventure that takes abode afterwards the aboriginal war of the deities throws the acreage of Khunirath into complete chaos.

As the developer explained, Epic of Kings’ advocate was already a feared warrior allotment of the army of light, but is now analytic for a new faculty of purpose in the treacherous, war-torn apple of Khunirath.

The game’s mythology-based storyline unfolds through accurate sequences. Dead Mage acclaimed that the game’s visuals—including aggregate from the fantasy branch of Khunirath to the effects-rich third-person combat—have been accurately added for NVIDIA Tegra K1-powered accessories such as the SHIELD Tablet.

“When Tegra K1 was introduced, we accomplished we can yield advantage of its graphical power, and accept furnishings that Unreal Engine 4 was acknowledging on mobile,” said Puya Dadgar, Senior Gameplay Engineer at Dead Mage, abacus that this aswell appropriate some acclimation to get the bold to accomplish optimally on lower-end adaptable devices, too.

Advanced beheld furnishings in Epic of Kings fabricated accessible by Tegra K1 cover blur, abyss of field, real-time reflections, high-dynamic-range apprehension (HDR) and assorted circuitous particles active at the aforementioned time after any aloft achievement hit.

Combat is at the affection of Epic of Kings as the bold heavily emphasizes both hand-to-hand and weapon-based angry adjoin aggressors of all sizes. This includes aerial bang-up blazon enemies that are tougher to annihilate than the boilerplate human-sized foe.

“[T]hat’s the amount of our gameplay.” Dadgar said. “We accept formed harder to accept agreeable combat. Something that can amuse players like they are arena a animate game.” Dadgar added that this isn’t the alone blazon of gameplay featured in Epic of Kings. “As you may accept apparent in the trailer, there is pursuit-based gameplay, altered activity with monster and dragon enemies, tag aggregation combat, quick time events, aerial creatures, and more.”

While Epic of Kings still has months of development time advanced of it afore the final adaptation releases, the bold is already abstraction up to be a able activity acquaintance account befitting an eye out for. You can get a aftertaste of the game’s arresting third-person activity in its official gameplay bivouac above.

Epic of Kings is currently slated to access on TegraZone and the SHIELD Hub in the aboriginal division of 2015.