Combination of Games and Work would Motivate your Employees to be more Productive

September 16,2014 - Eoxysgames Team

A relatively new word called Gamification that stands for applying games-design thinking to non game application has been used in several industries and is now making its way into offices. Gartner, a research firm, gave its predictions that nearly 2000 global organizations would use gamification to train their employees and their performance would be tracked by the end of year.

Gaming will be integrated into more than 85 percent of daily activities, IEEE announced in February. NTT Data, a Tokyo based company is one of the early adopters of gamification in the workplace.

“Games can be very motivational,” says IEEE Member Elena Bertozzi, a professor of digital game design and development at Quinnipiac University, in Hamden, Conn. “They constantly reward players and make them feel good about themselves. When was the last time you got a gold star for doing something right?” She adds that when scores are worked in, games also tend to make employees competitive with other players in their company.

Courtesy : TechonlineIndia