Apple devices account for majority of internet traffic on smartphones

September 30,2014 - Eoxysgames Team

The bigger screen sizes of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus likely have many mobile website designers revamping their sites.

According to research by Adobe, the majority of US mobile website traffic on smartphones in June 2014 came from Apple devices, with a 54% share. In comparison, second-place Samsung accounted for 24% of visits to consumer-facing entertainment, financial services, media, retail and travel websites during the month. Apple really shined when it came to website traffic on tablets, with 80% of visits.

StatCounter reported similar results in July 2014. According to its research, Apple devices excluding tablets accounted for 51.6% of mobile internet traffic in Q2 2014, compared with 25.0% for Samsung, 4.7% for LG, 3.1% for HTC and 1.6% for RIM/BlackBerry.

And following the trend, StatCounter data showed that iOS was the No. 1 operating system (OS) in terms of mobile internet traffic, with a 51.7% share. The Android OS grabbed 42.4%, while BlackBerry claimed a measly 1.6%.

Taking this into account, it makes sense that Adobe found Apple’s Safari browser—the default search engine on its devices—accounted for 59.1% of website traffic on smartphones and tablets combined. Android was the browser with the second-biggest piece of the pie, with just over one-fifth of visits, and Google’s Chrome landed in third. However, Adobe noted that Google’s browser had increased its share at the expense of Safari and Android, a trend that may continue as the search giant makes moves to merge Chrome and Android.

Courtesy: EMarketer