Castle Fantasia

Game Review
September 2,2014 - Eoxysgames Team
Castle Fantasia by GAMEVIL
For Android versions 2.3 and up

Fantasy Troops are ready for your arrival waiting to be lead with wisdom defeating the other troops worldwide.

Build your own fantasy castle with the superheroes from the fantasy world. No longer keep your castle unpowered. Build them with the elemental blueprint and defend yourselves from your enemies.

Fantasy World.


Build your own fantasy castle and raise your fantasy troops to wage war against other players around the world!

Recruit awesome heroes and prepare them for an epic battle! Customize your defensive buildings with elemental blueprints to defend against powerful enemies!

Lead your guild to the top rankings in the fantasy realm!

Castle Fantasia is a game with combat-strategy game genre. The combination of the game Clash of the Clan with Summoner Wars. As for some of the features in this game is to build and beautify the city defense, training soldiers in the palace, summoned and raise the hero as Golem, elves, dragons, humans, etc., and attack other cities in single player or multiplayer mode.

There are a lot of superheroes to be unlocked, trained and wage war against some other guilds so that you can show your esteem power over them. Conquer their forts and possessions and increase your power.