About Eoxys Games

A fast growing Games Development company built on the vision of keeping its customers happy and well entertained.

Eoxys Games, a Bangalore based Mobile Apps and Games Developer, is one of the leading companies in the world providing over 50+ quality games for different platforms that mainly includes Android, IOS Windows and others. The games are developed for different categories such as action, sports, arcade, board & puzzle using our own 2D & 3D gaming frameworks.

Today, we have a very firm expertise in developing games which resulted in our games being present in major app stores such as Android, Blackberry (RIM), Windows Phone, iOS, NOKIA OVI, Amazon, Windows 8 & Chrome store Online markets.

At Eoxys, the gamers experience is placed at the core of our business strategy. The games and Apps portfolio is entirely structured and designed to entertain the gamers. Eoxys Games is also a place for gamers to play online games, read reviews and news; FAQs and keep themselves up to date about the current events and upcoming events.

Eoxys Gaming Development Strength

  • Fine-tuned our capabilities to develop quality 2D & 3D games based on our unique development framework (On Unity as well on Native Android)
  • Fine-tuned our experience on developing OpenGL based 3D games using Rajawali framework
  • Capability in supporting for multiscreen resolution devices using single code base
  • Capability in supporting common Touch & Non-touch key handling using single code base
  • Good experience in game physics such as Box2D

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about Eoxys